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TransformEd Consulting is an established resource for leaders of educational institutions who are seeking program evaluation-assessment, strategic planning, problem solving and decision-making support, longitudinal data analysis, organizational development and transformation, unconscious-implicit bias training, leadership coaching, program implementation and management, and/or on-site technical assistance.

Student Success is Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure educational opportunities are available to economically disadvantaged learners for their career and college readiness success and social self-realization using authoritative primary and secondary research.

TransformEd Consulting services include high standards of quality resulting from our unique amalgam of practice, scholarship, and meticulous work ethic, which result in accurate, timely, and effective action plans to improve student achievement. We are detailed problem-solvers with a mission-driven customer orientation.

Our work leads to social, economic, and professional benefits for the students, their school community, and the global society. Thus, instead of low accountability ratings, endangered accreditation, monitoring, and intervention resulting in damaging notoriety, educational institutions can enjoy the standing resulting from externally-recognized student achievement and from meeting and/or surpassing your goals, as well as accountability systems’ mandated goals

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About Us

TransformEd Consulting is an established resource for educational institutions that are seeking policy analyses, strategic planning, organizational development and transformation, project management, institutional research, and/or program evaluation-assessment with the goal of ensuring economically disadvantaged learners’ career and college readiness.

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